Clan System
Clan System
Clans are special organizations that players in can join.

Join a Clan
To join a clan, go to the building southwest of the Prontera Fountain 
(prt_in 37, 112)
  • Talk to one of four NPCs and join the clan.
  • Clans have no guild skills, and no guild leaders.
  • Since they lack the Official Guild Approval, players that are in clans cannot fully participate in any of the War of Emperiums.
  • If you're inactive for 2 weeks straight, you will be automatically kicked from the clan.
  • Maximum capacity for each clan is 500 characters.


Chatting with your Clan

To talk within your clan, type /cl YOUR MESSAGE HERE, or click the blue dot next to the chat input bar and switch to "Send to Clan" at the bottom of the list.

Clan Window

The default command to open the Clan Window is CTRL + G.

  • The clan window will display how many members are online, but will not show you a member list.



The Battlefield feature allows you to earn badges that you can use to trade for high quality PvP equipment.
GMs will NEVER ask for your password and sites that are affiliated with Ragnarok Online.
Bard/Dancer song effects last for a few seconds even after you leave the area affected by their skill?
Magnum Break grants you additional Fire damage for a few seconds after you use the skill
The Emperium has its own monster properties?

Emperiums are Small Holy Angel MVP/Boss monsters.
Ragnarok Online has a lot of Daily Quests that give EXP.

A lot of these quests can be done starting at level 1.
The Premium Teleport NPC can teleport you to agits? You can talk to them if you have a Premium Service subscription.
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